3 DIY Colorado Fly Fishing Trips Plus Gear List

by Darby @ Fly Fish And Camp | Last Updated: August 23, 2017

Fly fishing in Colorado can be one of the most exciting trips of your life!  The country is beautiful, there are a lot of fish, and it’s an overall great place to camp.

Here are three DIY trips to Colorado that you could plan this summer.

Planning out an entire road trip from scratch can be a process on its own, which is why I wrote an article about how to plan a road trip here.   This article is going to be about the locations, camping locations, and some other neat reasons to go.

Three DIY Fly Fishing Trips to Colorado

DIY fly fishing trips are a great way to spend time away from the real world.  Take a little bit of time to breathe in the fresh air and catch some trout on the flies.

There is few better states in the US to go on a little fly fishing trip than your next one to Colorado.  Let’s go see what’s in the area.

Fly Fish The 11 Mile Canyon

Fly fishing the 11 mile canyon is the first location on my list.  There are several different types of trout species in the river of which you can catch.  Catch the fish on dry flies, nymphs or streamers – it’s not going to matter.


The location of the 11 mile Canyon is directly in the middle of Colorado, basically.  If you want to fly in from Denver, it’s about a 115 mile drive from there.  So only a couple of hours in the car.  Otherwise, just plan a road trip.


The Spillway Campground near the 11 mile canyon is a great location to camp at.


This page is currently under construction.  If you want to read about other fly fishing trips we have an article called planning the perfect fly fishing road trip if you are interested!  Thank you for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience!