The Complete Ice Fishing Gear List

Wait, ice fishing gear? I thought this was supposed to be a fly fishing gear website? Well, yearh, sort of. When you live in cold states, where you’ve got lakes, and you just like more excuses to go fishing.. and you’ve got buddies with more ice fishing experience than you’d like to admit, you start to find yourself ice fishing all winter long. So, we decided to enlist the help of some of our friends to create some ice fishing gear guides that’ll save you money and make you more successful on the ice this winter.

Ice Fishing Gear

Now while it is possible to go ice fishing with a jigging rod and reel, hook, bait and something to drill a hole in the ice, there’s a lot more to it than just that.  At least if you really want to enjoy your fishing trip that is.  (I say that because because going ice fishing blind with no additional help can be very difficult.)

Here’s a list of everything that you will for sure want and most likely need to catch a lot of fish on the lakes this winter. 

Ice Fishing Gear List/ Essentials

  • Jigging Rod
  • Spinning reel
  • Live bait container
  • Bait (live or artificial)
  • Ice Auger
  • Line clippers, pliers, hooks/ jigs, sinkers, bobbers 
  • Fish finder/ ice fishing electronics 
  • Ice house/ shanty (if you want to stay warm, otherwise just get a chair)
  • Heater (obviously optional, I’m a fan though) 
  • Sled big enough for all of your gear 
  • Ice fishing tip ups (so you can fish with more than one rod)