How To Build A Truck Camper (and fish out of it)

Camping out of your truck is something that’s becoming increasingly popular, as well as living out of a van, or Van life.

We’re going to be building a complete truck camper from start to finish and we’ll document that process when we do, but for now, we’ll lay out everything you need to build a truck camper from start to finish.

How much does it cost to build a truck camper?

In this article, we’ll also cover the cost to building a DIY truck camper. The cost to building one of these setups varies slightly, but it’s important to remember that a truck camper can fit in to just about any budget. It’s a lot cheaper than building a livable van, and a bit better than sleeping out of your car.

1 – Find a truck

This will be the most expensive part of your truck camper build, obviously. It’s also the part that makes or breaks your truck camper, so make sure you choose a truck that’s dependable. It always makes the most sense to have your truck professionally inspected prior to purchase. Pay the extra $100 or so to have a shop do a thorough examination of the truck before you purchase.

We recommend looking on Craigslist in your area for a cheap truck that fits your needs. Do you want a 4 door truck? A regular cab? Extended cab for more space without 4 doors? These are questions worth asking before you buy a truck.

On top of that, look for things like rust inside the bed and on the exterior. The goal is to find a serviceable truck that will last for the next 5+ years or more depending on your budget. On top of that, rust is a battle that’s tough to win and it’ll let more water in than you’d like.

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