Abel Nippers Review: Are They Worth It?

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking.

That much for a pair of.. nippers?

Yup. They’re that much. But they’re not just any nippers. They’re Abel Nippers.

And most people (that have actually used them.. which means, they probably have their fair share of time on the water) swear by them.

One fly fishing blog I frequent said, “They cut line—any line I’ve fly fished with—like a deli slicer handles aged cheddar”.

Do you really need $50+ line nippers?

Absolutely not. But, you also “don’t need” half the things you buy for your fly fishing outfit.

Or that Yeti Cooler you’re thinking about.

The truth is, there comes a point in time when you quit buying based on price and start buying based on quality.

When you decide to buy an $80 pair of nippers.. you’ll know you’ve hit that point. Plus, you can buy the Abel nippers in just about any color.

Abel Nippers Specs, making the case for one expensive pair of toenail clippers..

These are a picture of able nippersKidding, obviously. Do not try these on your toenails.

Of the specs listed below, the one I like best is the jaws warranty. Buy a pair of these, fish so hard you wear out the jaws and get them replaced just like that.

Oh, and find some fishing line these things wont cut, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. These nippers are built to get super close to your fly and melt the line like a hot knife through butter.

Now, don’t prioritize these nippers over a new rod or reel!  But if you have some cash to blow, these will be a great way to do it!

  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum body construction
  • Replaceable jaws – machined out of premium grade Crucible CPM S35VN stainless steel, then heat treated to 58-60rc
  • Engineered to cut 7X – 100 lb mono and braid
  • Two Year limited warranty on the jaws after initial purchase
  • Pin – 316 stainless steel

You can purchase Abel Nippers on Amazon.  And if you’re looking for more expensive fly fishing gear you probably don’t need (but would really use), check out my write up of the Tacky Fly Box.