Best Two Man Ice Fishing Houses

Regardless of how frigid and nasty the weather outside can be, the fish underneath the winter ice can still be caught by dedicated anglers who are willing to brave the elements and venture out into the cold.

Having the right equipment is crucial to being successful when it comes to ice fishing, but it’s also important to make sure your gear helps you stay warm and protected from the weather.

It’s vitally important for ice fishing enthusiasts to invest in a quality ice house for a number of reasons. Fishing is a sport that’s best enjoyed in the company of a friend and finding a capable ice fishing shelter that’s able to accommodate two users can be tough as there are plenty of models to choose from.

Best Two Person Ice Fishing Houses

We’ve searched through many of the most popular models to compile this list of the best two-man ice houses for 2021.

Otter XT Pro X-Over Lodge

While most ice fishing anglers know Otter as a brand that might be outside the usual circle of premium shelters, the Otter XT Pro X-Over Lodge is an exceptionally well-made product that rivals any other two-man ice house on the market for 2021. This flip-over style shelter offers plenty of room and has a high degree of insulation to make this one arguably the best two-man ice house on our list.

The XT Pro X-Over Lodge is able to offer users a traditional setup that includes front door access, but it can also be converted to allow for side access very easily. This model is one of the quickest and easiest to set up of any on our list and many users report that it can be fully set up in a few minutes.

This one is able to hold up to three anglers and offers an optional third seat along with its Cross-Link seating system. This system features two padded seats that are fixed onto an aluminum rail. These two swivel seats are able to be adjusted to allow anglers to get just the right positioning. It offers 30 square feet of space inside which is more than enough for two anglers to fit inside comfortably.


The XT Pro X-Over Cottage is another great product from the Otter brand that is very similar to the XT Pro X-Over Lodge. This particular model is less space as it offers 16.8 square feet of interior area, but that’s more than enough to accomodate two anglers for an all-day fishing trip.

The X-Over Side Entry doors allow users to utilize the traditional front door setup, or opt for the side door configuration should they choose to with just a few adjustments. This shelter offers an incredible level of insulation as the triple-layered 1,200 Denier fabric system locks out the frigid outside air and keeps the warmth from escaping your ice house.

Clam Nanook XL

Clam is a well-known brand in the ice fishing industry and their Nanook XL model is easily one of the best two-man ice houses available for 2021. This lightweight design is very easy to transport and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Anglers can also enter and exit from the side thanks to Clam’s Side Symmetry Door System.

The Nanook XL has been Clam’s most popular model for many years as this option includes everything you need for one or two anglers to have plenty of space, as well as protection from the elements while they fish. This model glides effortlessly across the ice when you choose to relocate and try a new spot on the lake.

Made with tough, 600 Denier fabric, the Nanook XL offers plenty of thermal protection from the elements, as well as ample amounts of interior space and storage pockets. It can usually be purchased for less than $500, making it an exceptional value.

Clam X200 Pro Thermal (double the price but has features and is worth the extra $$)

The Clam X200 Pro Thermal certainly lives up to its “professional” namesake as this model offers some of the most high-quality features of any two-man ice house on our list. With an 1,800 Denier full thermal skin, users won’t have to worry about whether or not they will stay warm during their fishing trip.

Many users report that the Clam X200 Pro Thermal is the best model for hardcore anglers who are willing to brave sub-zero temperatures and incredibly low wind-chill factors to catch fish. This model features two deluxe swivel seats that are some of the most comfortable of any on the market in 2021.

Users will appreciate the large dimmable light stick, center console, travel cover and storage hammocks that allow anglers to have more than enough space and storage for all-day fishing ventures. While this model is more expensive than others on our list, the level of quality is nearly unmatched, making it one of the best two-man ice houses for 2021.

Eskimo Sierra Thermal

The Eskimo Sierra Thermal is another great option and features a spacious 22.5 square-foot interior design that can stand up to any type of weather you might encounter. This is a classic flip-over model that can be fully set up in just a few minutes and is made with Eskimo’s popular IQ fabric that’s crafted from 600 Denier fabric.

The two swivel Versa seats are padded and offer plenty of lower lumbar support to let you kick back and relax while fishing. Users report that the Eskimo Sierra Thermal offers more than enough storage space and pockets.

This model is especially durable as it includes tough steel and aluminum framework and YKK zippers than are guaranteed not to freeze up, regardless of the temperature outside. The Sierra Thermal also includes a tow rope as it can easily be moved from one location to the next.


Those are the best two person ice fishing houses of the year!  We hope you found something that will work for you!

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