Best Fly Box For Streamers [2021]

Best fly box for streamers article.

Fishing with streamers is very popular, but the equipment that comes along with it must be bigger and more durable than equipment that you might use while fishing with dry flies.

The best fly box for your streamers is subject to you and your needs.  I personally favor fly boxes that are waterproof, durable and wide.  Boxes like that cost a bit more money than other cheap boxes which is definitely a downfall, but to me – it’s worth it.

 Here are the best fly boxes for streamers 

Best Fly Boxes for Streamers

A couple of factors to consider when you are purchasing a new fly box are size, durability, waterproofness and price.  The biggest piece of advice that I could give you is to make sure that your box isn’t going to squish your streamers lengthwise or thickness wise.  If that makes sense.

Bottom line, just make sure that your flies aren’t getting squashed.

Now for the first streamer box on my list…

Fishpond Tacky Big Bug Fly Box 2X, Double Sided Fly Box

The Fishpond Tacky Big Bug Fly Box is probably my favorite of these all.  It’s not a huge box, coming in at 7″x3.75″1.25″, but it will do the trick for some, depending on your collection of streamers.  It will be tall enough depth wise, so your flies won’t get squished.  If your streamers are longer than 7 inches don’t buy this box.

One thing that I love about this tool box is that it uses Fishpond’s patented silicone technology to hold onto your hooks.  It creates a fly box that can withstand

This box can hold 144 flies and size hooks up till 2/0, which doesn’t make this the biggest fly box on this list, but a very high quality one.

This fly box also uses magnets to keep the case closed, therefore making it latch-less (mind blown).  This is a very cool feature that keeps the flies where they need to be until you want them at easy access.

Definitely recommend this one.  



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Flambeau Tackle Swing Leaf Blue Ribbon Fly Box

This next fly box has a quite a bit of space for streamers.  It has several different locations to place flies as it has a swinging door splitting the center of the box.

The shell has 360 degree waterproofness so you don’t have to worry about any leaks.  This box has a snap shut locking system on the front of it to keep it closed.

One thing I like about this box is that has Flambeau’s Vertical Friction Foam technology.  Which is essentially foam in rows that have pre cut vertical slits, so you can easily slide flies in without piercing the foam.  Very cool feature.

It also has a swinging center wall for a lot of storage.  It comes in two sizes, either 7.75″x4.5″x1.875″ or 6.25″x3.75″x1.875″.  If you do purchase this one, it’ll be more for quality compared to buying it for the amount of streamers that will fit in here.  But even then, you’ll still fit plenty of streamers in this one.



Maximum Catch Waterproof Fly Box

Next up on the list is the Maximum Catch Waterproof fly box.  Its dimensions are 10.8″x7.7″x2.3″ so it’s quite a large streamer box.  It also uses ABS plastic with stainless steel for hinges.

The Maximum Catch box has a middle piece with two clear covers on either side of the box.  This allows for a lot of space for flies, perfect for those of you with a million streamers!

It’s also water proof with sealed silicon gaskets.  You can take this fly box fishing on regular fresh water streams or salt water and it will hold up fine.

If you want a high quality, large streamer box, this one serve you well.


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King Fisher Huge Box

The King Fisher is one giant streamer box.  The dimensions are 11″x8.5″x2.75″ so you’ll probably need a pack to carry it out to the fishing hole with you!

It features two clear lids to show you the selection of flies before you dive in.  Like a lot of boxes on this list, it uses ABS plastic for a shell and has stainless steel hinges (I mention that because I would not recommend a fly box with plastic hinges).

The build of the seal on this box is made of high density rubber which creates a nice waterproof seal.  No worries about getting all of your streamers wet if you accidentally take a little dip in the river!

Overall, I would recommend this box if you are ok with the extra size that you’ll have to carry around.



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Creative Angler Fly Box

Now for the biggest of them all.

The dimensions of the medium size Creative Angler box are 14″x11″x4″.  You’ll not have to worry about space in this big guy.

This box is one that opens like a laptop with foam on the top and bottom.  I personally don’t like that the case isn’t clear but it’s really not that big of a deal.

One other issue I do have with this box is that it isn’t waterproof.  So to guarantee that you don’t get all of your flies wet, you’ll have to keep it in a waterproof location.  Which, I don’t love that aspect of it.

Overall this is one of the best streamer boxes that you can get because of the space and durability that it has to offer.



New Phase Fly Box

This next fly box is on the cheaper side of the spectrum.  It’s called the New Phase fly box and it’s only ten dollars.  It’s waterproof with sealed rubber gaskets and the shell is made of ABS plastic.  I can’t say I know how reliable the quality is although and that’s the biggest question here.

The hinges are made of stainless steel to fight against corrosion which is nice.  The size of this box is is 7.5″x4.5″x1.75″ so again, it’s not a huge streamer box, but its going to be the cheapest box on this list.

This fly box does use HD foam to hold all of your hooks which is pretty standard for a fly box.

I put this fly box on this list because it does provide space to put streamers, but I don’t think that I would buy this box expecting it to last for a long time.


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In the end it comes down to what you are valuing the most in your streamer box

Do you like the bigger box for more streamers?  Or do you have a smaller collection where you are fine with getting a nice, smaller box?  It all comes down to what you want in your streamer box.

All boxes on this list are going to have enough depth to carry your streamers, although, some will have more space than others depth wise.

Regardless of what you decide to go with, I wish you the best of luck and tight lines my friend!

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