Fly Shops in Silverthorne, Colorado

For those fly fishermen (and ladies) planning a fly fishing trip to the Silverthorne, Colorado area, you’re in luck.

There are two phenomenal fly shops that offer not only an excellent selection of flies and fly fishing gear, but guided trips in addition.

Colorado Angler

The first of the two fly shops in Silverthorne is the Colorado Angler.  This fly shop has a large selection of fly fishing gear for any want or need you might have on your next trip out to Colorado.  The staff there is said to be friendly and knowledgable about fly fishing.  If your reel breaks down while you’re out fishing the Colorado River, they’ll have a replacement for you.

If you are looking to book a guided trip, they offer several options for fishing trips.

If you decide to go wade fly fishing, you’ll have more location options because it’s obviously more versatile.  A half trip starts at 7:30 am and will be wrapped up at around 1 pm.  A full day trip will start at the same time, but go till around 4:30, depending on location and travel times.

If you want to go on a float guide, the options of rivers are the Colorado River, the Arkansas River, the Eagle River, and the Roaring Fork River.  For a single fisherman/ woman, you’ll pay $325 for a half day and $425 for a full day.  For two people the cost is $400 for a half day and $500 for a full day.

This is a picture of the Colorado Anglers location in silverthorne Colorado.

Cutthroat Anglers

The other fly shop in Silverthorne Colorado is the Cutthroat Anglers shop.  Similar to the previous fly fishing shop, it has a lot of fly fishing gear and staff to help you out.  If you need to pick up a fresh rod before you head out to the river, these guys will have you covered.

The guides at Cutthroat have been voted “Best Fly Fishing Outfitter” by the people of Summit County for the past six years, according to their website.  Their guide services extend about a hundred miles past Silverthorne so if you want to fish and area, they’ll have you covered.

A wade trip starts at 7:30 am and will conclude at 1 pm.  The full day starts at the same time, but finishes at 5 pm.  For a singular fly angler, the price is $250 for half day and $325 for a full day wade trip.

Float trips for a single person cost $400 for a half day and $500 for a full day trip.  For two people, the prices rise $50 for both half and full day trips.

This is a picture of the cutthroat anglers location in silverthorne.

Silverthorne has fly shop options..

Regardless of which fly shop you go to or get guided by, it’s all fly fishing and it’s fun!  I’m not going to say which is better or which one you should go to, because they both will do the job for you!  Whether you are planning a road trip to Colorado or already in the area, I wish you the best of luck my friend and tight lines!

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