Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Pack Fishing Vest Review

In the market for a new fly fishing vest?  The Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap vest might be for you… It’s one of the more interesting fishing vests on the market, but a popular one nonetheless.

Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Vest


  • Minimalist
  • Versatile
  • A lot of storage space
  • No back pad
  • Inexpensive


  • Potential quality concerns
picture of allen gallatin ultra light fishing vest
Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Vest



The design of the Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap vest is an interesting one… it doesn’t have a back pad.  It only features pockets that hang off the chest, with straps running down the back for support.  It’s definitely an interesting fishing vest, not something that you see everyday.

One of the most impressive aspects of this vest is that it has quite a bit of storage space, especially for only having front pockets.  Now, it doesn’t have the same storage space as a Fishpond Wasatch, but it’s still fairly significant for the actual amount of material that makes up this vest.

A huge advantage of this vest, is that it’s extremely versatile.  Because it doesn’t have a back pad, or isn’t designed like other vests on the market, it can be used in a lot of different situations.   Such as, cold weather – no problem, just throw this vest over all of your jackets.  Going fly fishing, perfect – there’s some room for your tacky boxes..

Even if you plan on doing some around the house work, this vest has storage for easy access of pliers or other home project equipment.

Obviously, this vest is fairly minimal.  There is definitely a downfall to that, especially if you are fly fishing almost everyday..  It doesn’t have quite the technology or space that other fly fishing vests on the market have, but this vest is also super cheap.

Although, being that the Allen Gallatin vest is only 50 dollars, it brings up some durability concerns.  How long can a vest that is that cheap, last?  I personally have never favored buying gear that is super cheap, because it usually doesn’t last very long.

But, this vest does also have a 4.5 star rating on amazon with 116 reviews.  That’s pretty good actually.

It really comes down to whether you can afford a super high quality vest, or just need something to get by only a couple days of the week.  This vest isn’t going to be the one that holds up forever, but has the storage space for a nice little day trip.

In terms of comfort, the Allen Gallatin vest is in the middle.  There have been problems with the vest chafing into the shoulder area a little bit on some fly fishermen, while some said that it was the most comfortable vest they’ve ever worn.  Definitely more positive reviews over negative ones though.



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Final Thoughts On The Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Vest

I never really want to recommend getting a product that is super cheap, because a lot of times it doesn’t work out.  But, in this case, I think that if you are fly fishing only occasionally, this vest could be the ticket.  I wouldn’t recommend this one to someone that is fly fishing almost everyday, because the quality of it is probably not going to last forever.  That being said, this Allen vest has very good storage, is very versatile, and really isn’t that expensive.

I hope this article helped you, best of luck and tight lines!

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