Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Pack Fishing Vest Review

I reviewed the Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Pack Fishing Vest

Buying a fishing vest in 2020 can be a process, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for. I’m hoping that this review will help you come to a decision, or at least point you in the right direction while buying a new fly fishing vest!

Some Positives of the Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Vest

Let me start by saying this, if you are looking for a vest that doesn’t have anything on the back, buy this vest. It comes with a neck pad and some straps that run down the back side to provide support although. This vest is very minimalist and might be perfect for someone only going out a couple hours a week.

The Allen Gallatin costs less than 50 bucks so it isn’t going to take a hit on the pocket book.  It’s designed to be lightweight, perfect for those not looking to carry a 45lb weight around.

The storage on this vest is optimized as much as it could possibly be.  It has several pockets for storing pliers and some bigger fly boxes on the chest.  On the inside, this vest features large mesh pockets for extra gear. Obviously, because it doesn’t have a back pocket, this vest it loses a lot of potential gear space.  And that is my biggest personal issue with it.

The Negatives of the Allen Gallatin Fly Fishing Vest

One of my favorite aspects of using a vest, is the ability to store a lot of gear. Although this vest might be perfect for someone using it occasionally, this vest isn’t going to be the one that you can put all your gear in and head out to the river (obviously going to depend on the amount of gear you have).  However, it is quite substantial for a fly fishermen who is only heading out with some free time on Saturday morning.

This vest is a one size fit all, however, this shouldn’t be an issue because the straps are adjustable.

Now, a good way to maximize storage on a fishing trip is to get a fishing pack.   If you combine a pack with this light weight vest, you could have the ideal fishing setup going!

In Conclusion

The price tag you pay for the Allen Gallatin Ultra Light Strap Pack Vest is very reasonable, actually cheap. For a lot of fishermen that’s ideal, the weekend warrior type guys.  Now in saying that, don’t expect a 50 dollar vest to last you a long time if you are using it a lot. This vest will do the trick if the budget is maxed at 50 bucks.

At the end of the day it comes down to what do you want in your vest?  A couple obvious answers might be, right price, high quality, light weight, and the amount of storage the vest can hold.  This vest will check a lot of those categories, but I personally like the Simms Headwaters Pro Vest.  It hits all of those categories but for a larger price tag. Regardless, I hope this helped, wishing you tight lines and good times!