Tacky Fly Box Review: Worth The Money?

Look, I know what you’re thinking. You’re here for the Tacky Fly Box Review because you’re like me, and you recently heard of this little contraption. It’s an expensive box, but it’s one of the best. Read on, my friend.

Is the Tacky Fly Box worth it?? Another fly fishing gimmick? Come, on! Nope.

If you’re looking for another cheap product to get you by for a few trips, the Tacky Fly Box isn’t it. This fly box has been the best fly box on the market (hands down) since it entered the market. When we look at fly boxes, we look for three major things.

First, we want boxes that are easy to open and close. The Tacky Box is magnetic, and our original has been in use for 6+ years. Second, the best fly boxes are slim in their profile, so you can fit multiples in your vest. And lastly, which we answered above, fly fishermen need fly boxes that they don’t have to replace every two years.

Tacky Fly boxes are so good that the company was recently acquired by Fishpond. They are absolutely worth every penny. In fact, if you know of a fly fisherman getting in to the sport, just get them started with Tacky.

Original Tacky Fly Box Review: Worth The Money?

This picture shows the amount of flies that the tacky fly box can hold. The answer is a resounding yes.

Without sounding like an ad, the original Tacky Box is 7″ x 3 and 1/2″ and just 3/4″ thick.

The biggest advantage, beyond the silicone inserts (I’ll get into that later) these boxes offer is their thin profile.   With the slim profile and look, these fly boxes are really easy to slip into your fishing vest.  They don’t take up a whole lot of space, but the space is optimized for carrying a lot of flies.  You can carry a lot more fly boxes out to the river, without having to upgrade to a new vest.

The Knitty Gritty Details about the Tacky Boxes..

There are many reasons as to why you should at least consider getting yourself a tacky box… While they do run a little high for a fly box, you aren’t going to regret it…

1 – Slit Silicone Storage System

I love this feature. A traditional fly box simply offers a foam insert and while typically these do work, they just don’t hold up like this system does. The silicone can take hundreds of hooks without displaying any wear.

I’ve now had this fly box for quite some time, and the silicone inserts are far better than the standard HD foam.  There is no real reason to not make the switch to the Tacky Box.  They are far more durable than your standard fly box.

2- The Tacky Fly Box holds flies tight

While the Tacky Box might not hold flies tighter than other traditional fly boxes, it also doesn’t hold flies less tight.  There is plenty of room for your flies, unless you are putting streamers in here.  If you are using streamers, I would recommend going with Tacky Big Bug.  It has quite a bit more space and features the same silicone.

I also have a write up on the best streamer boxes here if you are looking for specifics.

But if you are using dry flies and nymphs, the Original Tacky Box is one of, if not the best fly box that you can get.

picture of tacky original fly box.


3- Withstands cold temps

As I live in Minnesota I can say that this is true.  In the time I’ve spent fly fishing in the winter, this fly box has withstood the weather up to this point.  Now, I do spend a lot of time streamer fishing in the winter, so I don’t always take the Original Tacky out, but rather the Big Bug.

The two fly boxes are essentially the same, just one is bigger and the other is smaller.  I’m a huge fan of Tacky Fly boxes.

4- Light blue color for high contrast

While I’m not entirely sure the founders of the company didn’t just pick a random color and roll with it, you can see the flies clearly in the box.

I also love the clear plastic lid.  It makes it easy to choose which fly/ flies I will be using before I open the box.

5- Magnets! 

I love this. Magnets in fly boxes are brilliant.  No fumbling with clasps or buttons, just flip the cover up, grab your flies and let it flop back down.  The Tacky Box magnets are strong as well.  It is highly unlikely that your fly box will open up in your vest or pack on its own.

They also aren’t incredibly strong where it’s difficult to open the cover.  There’s a fine line where the magnet is strong enough yet not too strong.

Just another feature to love in these fly boxes.

6- Original box holds 168 flies

I’m sure this number is more suited for dries and nymphs, but that’s still a lot of space.  If you have a lot of flies, just pick up another one or two.  When you decide to get the Original or any of the Tacky boxes, you won’t regret the decision.

I love mine and only use them right now.

All in all..

I highly recommend purchasing the Tacky Fly Box. Get an original, a couple of them or whatever works best, you’ll be glad you did. These boxes are worth every penny, our original is going on year 7 and there’s not a thing wrong with it.

This is a picture of an Original Tacky Fly Box.

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