How To Cook Trout Over A Fire, The Best Camp Trout Recipes

Despite what you may think, cooking trout over a campfire is actually pretty easy. In fact, you probably do not even need a recipe. Alas, for those of you who have to have things planned out ahead of time, here are some great ways of how to cook trout over a fire.

  1. Onions, Garlic, Butter, Hashbrowns & Spices (plus, your trout, of course)

If this trout recipe doesn’t have your mouth watering, I’m not entirely sure what will. The stove being used here is a Firebox Stove, an ultralight stove used by backpackers that requires a few sticks and a source of ignition.

For this recipe, simply cut your onions and a bit of garlic, add butter and heat over the stove. Next, add your hash browns (be sure to cover with water) prior to adding the trout. Let the entire mess simmer (add your spices of choice, plus lemons just prior to devouring) until the trout is tender and ready to eat.


2. Fire, Salt & Pepper and a bit of Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper

Some of the best trout cooked over a fire is simply creating a meal with simplicity.  Just throw a couple of seasonings on the fish and get the fire started.   Trout as a meal is very delicious and if you give it some time to slow cook, the juices will start flowing.  An upside of an easy meal to make is exactly that, it’s easy!

First, establish your fire. If you’re not going for an ultralight backpacking trout cooking setup, get a nice cast iron pan (you’ll be glad you did). A cast iron pan heats evenly and cooks considerably better than a regular camp frying pan.

Add butter to the pan, add some salt while the trout starts to cook. Prior to eating add Mrs. Dash’s lemon pepper and you’ve got a simple dinner that delivers the full flavor of fresh trout without any mask. Add a bit of chili for dessert and you’ve got a five course camp trout dinner.

In this video, the author scores the fish, allowing the butter and the spices to work their way down in to the fish. Personally, I do not score trout, but as mentioned it does work with thick fish.

If you are an avid outdoorsman (woman) and you don’t have a jetboil cooking system, you should.  This setup will get you cooking trout in no time flat.  I especially like the jetboil when the weather is dry and campfires aren’t legal.

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3. Butter, Salt, Cajun Seasoning Trout Sandwich

This isn’t over a fire, albeit, but it is a simple recipe that you can use basically anywhere.

Get a bunch of butter in your pan, add the fish and salt it. In this case, add all the butter.

Fry bread and butter. Add pickles and tomato (plus Mayo), add the fish and you’ve got a back country smorgasbord.

Bonus Clip, hot springs bacon and eggs. 

For those of you dreaming of the mountains, I highly recommend you check out Ace Videos on Youtube.

Find me a more scenic location to cook bacon and eggs, you can’t.

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Bonus Video: Cooking Trout on a rock for survival

In this video, the author isn’t actually cooking trout, but the concept is the same and you should appreciate the survival aspect of the cooking video.

The author starts cooking at about 2:45 in the video, however, he goes through the process of starting the fire without a match from the start. Well worth the watch.

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Cooking trout over a fire is an awesome experience

There is nothing that tastes like the rich flavor of trout out in the wilderness.  Or even in a campsite!  Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in your trout cooking experiences!


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