Parachute Adams Dry Fly

One of the more popular trout dry flies of all times, the Parachute Adams fly is a classic fly that works well for any trout fly fisherman.

How to Tie The Parachute Adams Dry Fly

This video is from “In The Riffle” on Youtube.

The Parachute Adams is one of the dominant flies one can use down stream, while fishing for trout.  It’s been a classic fly for quite some time now, and for a good reason.  It works!

At least there is no reason for it not to be in your fly box, especially if you are fishing for trout.  It might not be a killer at every location that you fish in, but that’s the beauty of fly fishing!  Always trying new flies here, testing others there.  It’s all for the love of the game!

If you to to check it out on amazon here just click the link.  But if you want a super rewarding feeling and want to get started with tying your own flies, I wrote up an article about getting started with tying flies here.  When you’re flipping the Adams fly around with your rod and catch your first trout, it will give you chills like no other feeling in the world!

Regardless, best of luck in your fly fishing adventures, and tight lines my friend!