Fishpond Summit Sling Review

by Darby @ Fly Fish And Camp | Last Updated: July 6, 2020

Fly fishing packs are a great way to bring your gear comfortably out to the river.  The Fishpond Summit Sling Pack is a very popular option for many fly anglers alike, for several reasons.

Fishpond has created many high quality pieces of equipment over the years, including the Wasatch Tech Pack and the Original Tacky Box.  When they designed the Summit Sling Pack, it was no different in terms of quality and performance.

Fishpond Summit Sling Pack Review

This fly fishing pack is one of the most popular packs on amazon.  It has over 60 reviews and an average of 4.4 stars, which is pretty impressive for 2020.



Fishpond Summit Sling Pack

Fishpond Summit Sling Pack


The Summit Sling Pack in our opinion is one of the better fly fishing packs that you can get for the river.  It isn’t to large where it feels very bulky or heavy, but still has a decent amount of storage space for your gear.  The best part is, you don’t have to open the pocketbook up too much for this one either.

There are a lot of fly fishing pack options on the market today, but the Summit Sling is surely one of the top.


One of the biggest reasons that many fly angler use packs over vests, is because they’re usually a lot more comfortable.  A pack doesn’t cover the entire body upper body, rather only a portion of it.  This allows for your body to be much cooler during the Summer months, and all of your gear is one spot.

Fishpond designed the Summit Sling with comfort in mind.  Nobody wants to go the river with a strap chaffing into the shoulder all day… This one doesn’t have that problem.  The strap is very comfortable and actually has a little work station on it, to store smaller accessories.



The Summit Sling is made of recycled fish nets, that are turned into durable material for a fly fishing pack.  The Summit Sling is a well crafted bag that has the capability of lasting a long time on the river, as it should.  And if for some reason that this sling pack does have issues, Fishpond does offer warranties on their gear.

The overall pack only weighs 6.1 oz, so it’s very lightweight.  The internal storage features four compartments. Two larger, two smaller.  The zippers are water resistant, but the pack as a whole isn’t water proof.

The shoulder strap does have a work bench for easy access to accessories such as your nippers or floatant.  It allows for super easy access to stuff that otherwise might be a pain to reach into the pack to grab.

“My absolute favorite feature on the summit sling pack is the shoulder work area.”

– Brendin Hawkens (MyFlyOutdoors)

Some potential issues

For some, the net holder on the back works very well, for others it is worthless.  It will depend on your body really.  It’s placed in a convenient location if you are able to reach it, but if you can’t reach it – well again, it’s worthless.

It also isn’t waterproof.  So if you have a phone or other important equipment with you on the river, you’ll want to have it in a water proof pouch of some sort.

Most people tend to find sling packs very comfortable.  Others very much dislike them because the pack gets in the way, in some situations.  I personally am a fan of packs, just because I can carry a lot of gear onto the river with them.  I also find them very comfortable myself, but again, it’s definitely a personal opinion.


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Conclusion: Is the Summit Sling Pack worth it?

I believe for the money you pay for the Summit Sling Pack makes it very worth it.  It’s less than a hundred dollars and is overall high quality fly fishing sling pack.  It isn’t super large so it doesn’t feel clunky, but it also isn’t so small that it can’t fit any gear in it.  It’s a perfect median that a lot of fly fishermen look for.

The pack is also made of recycled fish nets, which is super cool.  The material is strong and durable, that will last you a long time.

The biggest problem that fly anglers have had with this vest is that it isn’t waterproof.  Now it’s not ideal, but it also isn’t that expensive.