Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack Review: Worth The Money?

The Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack is one of Orvis’s most popular fly fishing packs, but is it actually worth the money?

That is the question that I am going to be answering in this article.  Fishing packs are exactly cheap, and there’s no real reason to waste money on a product that isn’t worthy of it.

But, if you are short on time, the answer is a “yes”.  It’s most definitely worth it.

Let me explain my reasoning and thought process behind it.

These are the pros and cons.  


  • Quite comfy and cool
  • Bright interior to find flies
  • Divided internal pockets
  • Water bottle holder
  • Extra tool attachment straps
  • Fly drying patch
  • Water resistant


  • If you haven’t worn a sling pack while fly fishing before, it may take some getting used to
  • The bag is a soft material without a solid base
  • Isn’t completely waterproof
Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack

A comfortable and easy way to carry your fly fishing gear to the river.

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Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack Review

First of all, we here at Fly Fish and Camp really do believe in recommending fly fishing products that actually work.

The goal for us is not to try scam people or waste your cash.  If you are looking for a fly fishing sling pack, we want to help you find the right one.

There are a couple reasons that I really favor this sling pack over others.  Comfort, space, and durability are just a couple reasons.


The Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack is one of my personal favorites in terms of fly fishing packs that I’ve ever worn.

Unlike a lot of other packs, this one is very comfortable, especially in the summer time.  It’s very cool in the hot summer months, simply because Orvis implemented a molded back pad which allows the heat to escape.

Pretty cool right?

Besides the fact that it’s very cool, the material and the design of the pack one that just feels right.  Whether you are taking this sling pack fly fishing, or out to the back woods to read a book, it’s very comfortable to wear.

And there isn’t any chafing in the shoulder areas or anything of the sort.  It’s what makes this sling pack so good.

Most of us have probably been fly fishing or fishing of some sort where either the vest you were wearing was too hot, or maybe you had a life jacket on that was suffocating you – this isn’t the case here.

This is a picture of a camo Orvis Safe Passage Sling pack.
Camo Orvis Safe Passage Pack


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a fly fishing sling pack, design is probably the most important of them all.

The Orvis Safe Passage is designed very well so that it allows for quick and convenient access to your gear.  It has a sheath on the shoulder strap and a water bottle holder on the bottom of the pack which is super easy to access.  Allowing you to reach your water without having to turn the entire pack around, or hassle with it.

The pack itself has 4 internal compartments, two large and two small.  It has enough room to throw some of your tacky boxes and a lunch, while also throwing a smaller box and some other goodies in too.  You really aren’t going to run out of space, unless you are carrying your entire camping setup to the river.

And despite the fact that the Orvis Safe Passage has ample space for gear, it’s also very lightweight.

It only weighs a single pound.

And if you have ever lifted a one pound weight at the gym, you will know realize very quickly that this pack does not weigh very much.

If you did want to get a fly fishing pack with a bit more space, the Orvis Safe Passage Guide Pack is very similar, but with additional room.

This a picture of the Orvis Safe Passage Sling pack.

Back to the review.

The interior of the pockets are a bright color, which allows for you to find your flies very quickly.

We’ve all accidentally dropped flies at some point and this gives you the chance to find your flies without the worry that it may catch on to other important gear of yours.  And potentially rip or damage it.

There is also a fly drying patch on the top of the pack so you don’t have to put wet flies back into your boxes.

The subtle features such as those above are what make this sling pack worth it.

It’s sort of like when you come home from work and there some treats on the counter.  Didn’t necessarily need them, but they sure are nice to have!

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Only time will tell how long the Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack will last, but I’ve a feeling that it will be a long time.

The material used feels as though it was built to last, and the design of it feels steady.  There aren’t any annoying features that would rip or tear, and the zippers are quality.

Just looking at and using this pack gives off the feeling that it is built to last.

Talking to other fly fisherman in the community, many that have purchased the Orvis Safe Passage have really enjoyed it.

Some potential issues

Some potential issues that you may have with this sling pack is the fact that it isn’t waterproof.  It would be really cool if it was, but it’s just not.  It does do a decent job of keeping water out, but if you fall into the river, you’re going to get a lot of gear wet.

But that’s the price you pay for a sling pack that doesn’t break the hundred dollar mark.  If you want a waterproof pack, go with the Orvis Waterproof Backpack.  Trust me, you aren’t going to get any gear wet with that one.

Another problem that you may have with this pack is awkwardness.  It may just take a little bit for you to get used to wearing it on the river and casting with it.  It’s not like a fly fishing vest where it sort of hugs you the entire time.

At the end of the day although, if you are fly fishing, you have to have some sort of place to store your flies and other gear.  Not all options are going to be great for everyone, it’s a matter of what do you want for yourself?

I personally like Orvis Safe Passage Sling pack and would recommend it to others, but that is just me.

Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack

A comfortable and easy way to carry your fly fishing gear to the river.

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Thank you for your support! We may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase through links on FlyFishandCamp.com.

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Conclusion: Orvis Safe Passage Chest Pack

If you probably haven’t guessed it up to this point, I really do like this sling pack.  It has enough storage for some fly fishing gear, flies and a sandwich.  I can bring a water bottle along and access it easily.  There’s a fly patch on the top of it, so I don’t have to throw my wet flies back into my fly boxes.  It’s reasonably priced.  And lastly, it’s comfortable.

Thank you for reading and I hope it helped you out!  Tight lines my friend!

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